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March 22

Ottawa Awesome: A weekend of tea and craft (Part I)

Jordan is co-author of the Project: Priceless blogs. Their first blog, The Free Wedding Experiment, was a year-long project to put together a cost-free wedding via social media. The new chapter, The NEST, is a tale of frugal, DIY’ing newlyweds nesting, loving, cooking, adventuring, reviewing, and regaling with tales. Check out both blogs at projectpriceless.com. […]

Fiona Tapp spends a perfect day in Ottawa

Fiona Tapp is a British Elementary School Teacher, who has called Ottawa home for the past five years. As a native Londoner, she tries to explore and enjoy Ottawa as a tourist, and so far is pretty impressed with this “tiny but brilliant” city! On the last day of school, before the summer vacation started, […]

Tea and brie at The Tea Party

Hillary Lutes is an inherently cheap vegetarian journalist-in-training at Carleton. She consumes copious amounts of coffee and chocolate to fuel her writing endeavours and public-transit trips across the city. Ethiopian food was supposed to be next on the vegetarian bucket list, but Sunday afternoon tea with a visiting friend and roommate was in order. I was […]

Storytelling for adults: Kathryn Hunt spends a night with the Ottawa Storytellers

Kathryn Hunt  is a displaced Maritimer who first arrived in Ottawa 15 years ago. A published poet and freelance writer, Kate blogs,performs and talks the city’s budding literary scene at every opportunity! She also enjoys cycling and rock-climbing in her spare time. When was the last time someone told you a story? I don’t mean, exactly, the last […]