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September 04

It’s Harvest (Noir) season: Wanna go?

Ottawa is blessed with some truly great local food options. From The Elk Ranch to Bottega Nicastro to the Brewer’s Park Farmer’s Market, there really is a local food option to suit every taste, as long as you know where to find it. Once you’ve found it, there’s no better time or occasion to enjoy […]

June 29

Harvest Noir brings the spirit of Alice in Wonderland to Ottawa on September 30

Greg Searle (@gregorysearle) is Executive Director of BioRegional North America (@BioRegional_US) where he runs @OnePlanetLiving and the ecoConcierge program, and is currently crowdfunding to support a book he is writing on sustainable behaviours and healthy urban living. He is the co-organizer of @HarvestNoir, loves working out of @HubOttawa, and once drove a Peugot with a […]

Harvest Noir, Take II: Fiona finds it a great chance for the city to shine, if a bit hectic

Fiona Tapp is a British Elementary School Teacher, who has called Ottawa home for the past 5 years. As a native Londoner, she tries to explore and enjoy Ottawa as a tourist, and so far is pretty impressed with this “tiny but brilliant” city! I often scour the “cool kids’” Facebook pages to scoop out […]

Suave, secret and a success: Ottawa proves it’s cool with pop-up picnic Harvest Noir

Amy (Twitter) is one of the co-creators of Local Tourist Ottawa who moved to the city more than eight years ago to attend Carleton University. Originally hailing from a small town in southwestern Ontario, she loves everything about Ottawa, from the buzz of Parliament Hill to Dalhousie’s local shopping and the thriving food scene. For […]