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‘Fashion is not a science’: Hannah finds Ottawa is a little fashion gem

Hannah Yakobi (Twitter) is a former Ottawan and the editor-in-chief of FAJO magazine (Facebook/Twitter), a digital luxury fashion publication. Now based in Toronto, she is a journalist who’s covered such diverse beats as health, business, fashion and culture. Moving to Ottawa six-and-half years ago was a big personal change for me. I’ve always lived and […]

How green is Ottawa’s fashion scene? EF’s editor gives us the inside scoop

Malorie Bertrand (Twitter) is Editor-in-Chief of Eco-Fashion Magazine. Growing up in Aylmer, Quebec, Malorie left the Capital region as a child before moving back after university. In addition to her passion for green fashion, she loves staying active, cooking for friends and staying up-to-date on all of Ottawa’s fun happenings.  I launched Ef Magazine in Ottawa […]

We’re WHAT worst? Song out of tune with Ottawa fashion scene

Jenna Farrell (blog/Twitter) is a twenty-something PR girl who recently returned to Ottawa after two years in Toronto. She currently does freelance PR work for small businesses and startups. Jenna is also an avid blog reader/writer and you can learn more about her passion for fashion and eye for vintage finds at http://www.navyandgold.wordpress.com. In a […]