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May 17

Capital Chill: Alex invites you to check out this unique blend of local art and music

Alex Hosselet (blog/Twitter) likes to keep it real, and keep it chill. He’s helping put on Capital Chill, an exposition of local artists and musicians. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when people dismiss Ottawa as a dull government town: Do even the slightest digging, and you’ll find a vibrant arts and music community […]

Art unveiled: EBA opens its studio doors for rare glimpse into artistic process

Danny Hussey (website/Twitter) is a Nova Scotia-born mixed-medium artist and painter who’s been living in Ottawa for more than a decade. His work can be found in the collection of the City of Ottawa, the Nova Scotia Art Bank, as well as corporate collections, such as Nortel Networks and Organza Foods. He’s also an EBA artist. […]

Trendy, green … and an art gallery: Q&A with Michelle Nguyen of Hair Republic

Michelle Nguyen is a busy philanthropist and entrepreneur who has been passionately styling hair and mentoring apprentices for 8 years. Recruited by a prestigious Ottawa salon at a young age, she recently realized her ultimate goal: To open her very own salon in the up and coming area of Old Ottawa South. Her architect husband, […]