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December 04

Ottawa’s Christmas markets: Will you or won’t you?

The thought of battling the overheated malls to buy more stuff for my friends and family has not been an appealing activity for me in the past few years – that’s why I love hitting up local markets, and supporting local artisans. At the perfect holiday market, I can buy gifts that will tantalize taste buds, […]

Alex explores the venerable Château Laurier

Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real and keep it classy. Alex recently visited the Château Laurier and was thoroughly impressed by the classiness of this Ottawa landmark. I hadn’t been to the Château Laurier (properly called “Fairmont Château Laurier”) since my high school prom, and for numerous reasons was not able to fully appreciate […]

Hey Ottawa, do you have your Christmas tree yet?

Vanessa W. is a born and raised Ottawan who loves finding all things small town, big city and internationally flavoured, in the capital. For as long as I can remember, every December my parents insisted on bundling us up until we couldn’t breathe, driving for what seemed liked ages, and trekking through the woods to […]

Plans for tonight? Spins and Needles (DJ + DIY arts and crafts)

Jane Porter is a local sustainability practitioner. After a three year stint in Finland studying and working with sustainable startups, she’s jumped into the Ottawa scene face first to see what’s shaking, vibrant and green. You can find her at www.janeporter.ca. Jane will be back with another guest post tomorrow, to tell us what she thought […]