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February 06

The NCC’s Yumi Webster shares her secret (and how you can warm up at Winterlude)

Born and bred in Ottawa, Yumi Webster is passionate about Canada’s Capital Region, museums, photography and peanut M&Ms. Sometimes, she tweets. She works at the National Capital Commission as Coordinator of School Programs and Youth Engagement. All opinions here are her own. I’m going to let you in on a little secret about me. But […]

December 11

Ottawa seen 365 ways in 365 days: Christophe Ledent shares his story

Christophe Ledent (Blog/Facebook/Twitter) is an amateur photographer who moved to Ottawa nearly three years ago to work for the Government of Canada. A little over five months ago I set out to discover Ottawa through photography. Some would even say I am a tourist in my own city, a tourist looking to discover everything Ottawa has to offer.  In a way, this is true. But the real […]

Hiking the Gatineau Hills: Ruvini checks out a sunrise, the changing leaves and a former PM’s estate

Ruvini Godakandae is a long-time Ottawa resident with a background in broadcast journalism and e-publishing. She loves to find ways to express herself and stay active, primarily through dance, photography and alternative fitness. You’ll often find her out and about discovering Ottawa’s many hidden gems and meeting some interesting and talented folks along the way. […]

An ode to Ottawa cycling: Gordon Smith reflects on the city’s two-wheeled culture

Gordon Smith is a 23-year-old man with little rest; boyfriend (wink), web designer, runner and bike racer. He is the founder of the Human Powered Movement, an organization dedicated to improving persons and community through non-commercialized fitness avenues. He is also running 23 marathons in 2011. Cycling is, as the philosopher Wittgenstein (a bicycle owner […]

From British Columbia to Ottawa: Kelly-Anne Maddox becomes a Local Tourist

Kelly-Anne Maddox relocated to Ottawa from British Columbia in 2010 and is busy being a mom to her one-year old daughter. I’m not the sort of person who adapts well to change. Major upheavals in my life have brought with them fear, trepidation, and a not-so-healthy dose of introspection. So when my husband announced to […]

Q&A with the President of the Ottawa Flying Club

Marc Desjardins is an employee of the City of Ottawa/City Council, who has lived in Ottawa for 43 years. As the President of the Ottawa Flying Club, he leads a volunteer Board of an organization with 83 years of Ottawa aviation history. So tell me a bit about yourself; how did you get into flying? […]

What are you doing this weekend?

As per usual, we are relying on Ottawa Magazine’s wonderful Weekender feature to give us something great to do in the city this weekend. So what’s happening? The Charlie Chaplin Film Festival at the Mayfair Theatre Jon Cohen at Avant-Garde Bar Stories Alive – a free Ottawa storytelling event (great for kids!) Animal tracking on […]