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October 22

Ottawa’s newest restaurant Gezellig opens today

Sometimes we feel a little spoiled.  On Friday, a group of Local Tourists were absolutely delighted to be invited to the pre-opening party for Gezellig – entrepreneur Stephen Beckta’s brand new restaurant.  If you’re a fan of Play Food & Wine (as we are) or Beckta (also delicious) you’re probably already trying to get a reservation […]

June 25

Brunch at Wakefield’s Chez Eric

Jessey is a writer, digital communications strategist, and the founder of Local Tourist Ottawa. So, we’ve already written about the wonderful little restaurant Chez Eric, located in nearby Wakefield, but I hadn’t actually been there until this weekend. Sure, LTO co-founder Amy talks about this cute little spot…a lot…but it wasn’t only her review that led […]