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September 04

It’s Harvest (Noir) season: Wanna go?

Ottawa is blessed with some truly great local food options. From The Elk Ranch to Bottega Nicastro to the Brewer’s Park Farmer’s Market, there really is a local food option to suit every taste, as long as you know where to find it. Once you’ve found it, there’s no better time or occasion to enjoy […]

August 20

National Capital Craft Beer Week: Where are your top Ottawa spots to grab a pint?

Desirae Odjick is a marketer and copywriter who has lived in and loved Ottawa her whole life. She reads, does yoga, runs half-marathons and is really trying to take up a winter sport. “Overly enthusiastic” is her default state.  If you’re an experienced beer connoisseur or a completely newcomer to the beer scene like myself, […]