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January 18

All-Star Weekend vs. The Weekend Warrior: Innaugural shinny tourney evokes an Ottawa neighbourhood’s past

Josh McJannett is a local public affairs professional and a volunteer with the Carlington Community Association.On Saturday January 28th Ottawa will be overrun with the greatest hockey talent on earth as the NHL’s biggest names fly in from across the continent for the All-Star game. Absolutely none of that talent will be on display at […]

Finding new meaning in Remembrance Day

Josh McJannett is a full-time local public affairs professional and part-time local tourist.  Growing up, Remembrance Day meant school assemblies, reciting John McCrae and doing the best you could to imagine the unimaginable—for many of us, it meant picturing our grandparents and their generation living in another time, making unthinkable sacrifices, witnessing unknowable horrors, struggling […]

Delicious flavours and cultural nostalgia: A visit to Skela Bosnian Deli

Josh McJannett is a part-time local tourist with a full-time appetite for delicious food, authentic cuisine and a good story. Carlington’s Skela Bosnian Deli is an unassuming, even forgettable looking shop, on a fledgling strip of Merivale Road. Sandwiched beside a Shell station and the after hours shisha bar housed above it, Skela’s somewhat anemic […]

Ottawa’s top 10 most scrumtrulescent brunch destinations

Josh McJannett is a local public affairs professional who took Ottawa to brunch after an 80s night eight years ago; they’ve been in a committed relationship ever since. I love brunch. I don’t care if that makes me indecisive (Lunch? Breakfast? That’s a false choice peddled by the forces of evil as far as I’m […]