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May 17

Capital Chill: Alex invites you to check out this unique blend of local art and music

Alex Hosselet (blog/Twitter) likes to keep it real, and keep it chill. He’s helping put on Capital Chill, an exposition of local artists and musicians. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when people dismiss Ottawa as a dull government town: Do even the slightest digging, and you’ll find a vibrant arts and music community […]

April 20

The most unique party and fundraiser of the year: PROMdemonium!

Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real, and party down for a good cause. He’s attending this year’s PROMdemonium, and wanted to share his excitement for this spectacular event. When I first heard about PROMdemonium a few months ago – I was immediately sold on it by the event’s description: “Ottawa’s radical, community-oriented, gender-bending, bike-loving, […]

March 26

Re-examining the leftovers of life: Nature and art collide in ‘Unrequited Death’

Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real, and jumps at the chance to see two of his passions come together at one of his favourite places. Here’s his take on “Unrequited Death”, the newest exhibit at the Museum of Nature. I was very excited to be invited back to the Canadian Museum of Nature having […]

March 04

Ten Oaks Project and Ottawa’s Most Fabulous Bowl-A-Thon

Our friend Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real, and help out when he can. He’s recently gotten involved with a great charity and would like to tell you about it. Ottawa is home to a lot of phenomenal organizations and groups striving to make a difference in our community and abroad. A good friend of […]

March 02

Diving in with Whales Tohora: Alex visits the Museum of Nature’s latest showstopper

Alex Hosselet (blog/Twitter) likes to keep it real, and there are few places in Ottawa more real than the Museum of Nature. That’s why he we went back to see the newest exhibit and write about the highlights. The Canadian Museum of Nature is easily one of my favourite locations in Ottawa, which is why […]

Beaver Boxing: Alex goes toe-to-toe with a knockout experience

Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real, even during a long hiatus. After many projects and a new job, Alex returns to share his new favourite hobby: boxing! After trying many gyms and still left looking for more, a friend of mine suggested that I try boxing training as a great way to stay in […]

Alex explores the venerable Château Laurier

Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real and keep it classy. Alex recently visited the Château Laurier and was thoroughly impressed by the classiness of this Ottawa landmark. I hadn’t been to the Château Laurier (properly called “Fairmont Château Laurier”) since my high school prom, and for numerous reasons was not able to fully appreciate […]

The Museum of Nature: 2010 recap and look ahead to 2011

  Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real, especially in buildings that contain dinosaurs. Alex has been to just about every museum in Ottawa, but has a special place in his heart for the Museum of Nature. I’ve been going to the Museum of Nature for as long as I can remember. This year, after […]

Ottawa’s specialty grocers: Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani, Italian food…and beyond!

Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real, especially in the kitchen. One of his favourite pastimes is to relax at the end of a long day by whipping up delicious meals for family and friends. Ottawa is a very diverse city. Beyond the embassies, festivals and multicultural neighbourhoods, Ottawa boasts a tonne of terrific specialty […]

Battle of the Ottawa brunch spots: part II

Alex Hosselet likes to keep it real.  He also can’t stop thinking about waffles and eggs Benedict. Thanks for sharing your two cents in the battle of the Ottawa brunch spots, Alex! I could have overlooked Pubwells as any other pub if it weren’t for the fact that it is down my street (Spruce) on […]