We’re on hiatus!

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to post a quick note to say that we’re closing out 2013 by taking a hiatus from curating Local Tourist Ottawa.

The last three years have been incredible; we’ve had more than 500 submitted posts by nearly 200 contributors. We’ve been named a top blog in the city, interviewed by local news, met some incredible people and attended some amazing events.

Most importantly, we’ve discovered a million sides of Ottawa that made us fall in love all over again.

So why the hiatus?

Well, with all three of our editors pursuing new adventures and projects both locally and abroad, we’re going to take a break to refocus – and only return when we know that we can keep the project up at the original caliber we intended for it. We’ll still tweet from @LTOttawa when we’re on the move in Ottawa, and you can follow our editors personally at @jescbird, @amyleehusser and @hilaryduffsby.

Finally, we’d just like to say a huge thanks to all of our readers and writers. There’s some great content here in this site, that we’ll keep open and available.

Until next time!

Jessey, Amy and Hilary