A tour of Ottawa meet ups: Ottawa Open Darts League

Ottawa Open Darts League 2

Candice So is a  reporter who loves to read, write and meet people who are doing amazing things. Born and bred in Ottawa, on her off time she likes to pretend to cook, to walk her dog and to go for a run, albeit really slowly. 

In the third post of a series, Candice rounds-up of some off-beat, yet fun, meetups in our city.

Touted as a night of drinks and a casual yet fun round of darts, the Ottawa Open Darts League is more social than serious, says Mark Dabrowski, one of the Meetup’s organizers.

“A lot of people that show up actually haven’t played darts before,” he says. “The Meetup group isn’t about playing darts competitively. It’s more about showing up, socializing with people and oh, by the way, we’re playing darts. That kind of attitude.”

Dabrowski got his start in playing darts about eight years ago, when he was a university student looking for a break in between studying sessions. When he moved to Ottawa in 2008, he began hitting a pub with his co-workers to play darts and unwind after work.

The Ottawa Open Darts League meets at three different locations across the city:  the Royal Oak Pub in Kanata, the Cock and Lion Pub on Sparks Street and the Royal Oak Pub near the Rideau Canal.

Attending the Meetup is free, except for the cost of ordering food and drinks, and players are welcome to either bring their own darts or use the group’s communal set.

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