Have you been ghosted?

The haunt has just begun…

Andrea Brasset is a mother of two living in Ottawa’s McKellar Park neighbourhood. She works in public relations. 

The doorbell rang at night. The ring echoed clearly through our dark and empty hall. Curious, and a little disquieted, I pulled myself from the couch, wrapped my sweater closely to my chest and made my way, slowly, to the door.

I opened the door to a cool breeze – my only greeting. The porch was empty. I scoured the black sky for my mystery guest and was about to retreat into the house when I looked down. A little orange ghost stared up at me with a defiant smile.


Ghosting, I’ve since learned, is a popular tradition in our new McKellar Park neighbourhood. A few weeks before Halloween, neighbourhood children and their parents set out at dark, intent on gently spooking the neighbourhood in anticipation of the grand event on October 31st.

Have you been ghosted?

And so the excitement in our home began…

The next morning, in anticipation of our own ghosting adventure, we set out to buy our treats. As we walked down our street, casually glancing at our neighbours’ doors, our excitement grew to amazement.

Nearly 20 homes on our street were adorned with papery white and orange ghosts: crooked grins, menacing glares, and droopy eyes stared out at us from every direction.

While there’s no way to know if ghosting will take root in other Ottawa neighbourhoods, one thing is for sure: for our family, the haunt has just begun.

We LOVE this great little community story! Have you been ghosted?