Brunch at Wakefield’s Chez Eric

Jessey is a writer, digital communications strategist, and the founder of Local Tourist Ottawa.

So, we’ve already written about the wonderful little restaurant Chez Eric, located in nearby Wakefield, but I hadn’t actually been there until this weekend.

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Sure, LTO co-founder Amy talks about this cute little spot…a lot…but it wasn’t only her review that led me to Wakefield this weekend, it was actually a great little write-up in re:Porter on how to spend a full-day in Wakefield.

Yes, I know that is an airline in-flight magazine, but it’s almost always a great read. 

On Chez Eric, the author wrote:

“Here, the  eponymous chef is not Eric but rather Che. A tall, chatty gent, Che Chartrand came up through Ottawa’s Beckta and Chelsea’s Les Fougères, but he raised some eyebrows six years ago when he took over Chez Eric and transformed the local coffee house into a fine-dining bistro. But the locals were quickly won over by Chartrand’s commitment to inventive Québécois cooking and top-quality local and sustainable ingredients, many of which are grown in his own garden.”

What I liked about Chez Eric, is that when I called to make a reservation they asked about allergies – and without hesitation the chef made a wonderful custom bowl for a friend of mine who is currently on a very restrictive diet. 

Custom smoked salmon brunch bowl

I had a beautiful breakfast sandwich:

Bacon, egg, cheese etc…but somehow every ingredient more delicious than the average breakfast sandwich.

And then the hungrier of the group (namely, the dudes) had the MAD Stacker:

Yes, there are sausages in those pancakes.

In the end, we only really scratched the surface of Wakefield; after breakfast we went for a spontaneous swim in the river, before returning back to Ottawa for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Just 30 minutes away from my house, I think I’ll be heading to Wakefield a lot more often.

What’s your favourite spot in Wakefield?