Flashmob surprises Mohombi at Ottawa’s Major’s Hill Park

Brian Tong, of Start Up Dance (Twitter/YouTube), is an 86′ baby who loves dancing, marketing, and anything artistic in Ottawa. Brian continues to search and find hidden talents that deserves the spotlight and give these artists some hometown hero love.

One adventure to another, there’s always a surprise in Ottawa.

That being said, the surprise I’m writing about now was on Mohombi, the multimillion hit wonder who is signed to Lady Gaga’s famous producer’s (RedOne) label who was recently surprised by possibly over 1,500 people in a one shot Ottawa flashmob.

Given the task on our end, our goal was to keep it a secret and surprise the artist himself during this live concert.

It was nerve-racking, but alas: we pulled it off at Major’s Hill Park.

For those who claim there’s nothing to do in Ottawa, pay attention, listen up and start looking: there’s plenty of things to do and get involved with.

Until our next surprise (which is soon) enjoy this video and lets hope we can get ready for Bluesfest. It’s going to be wild.

Thanks Brian!