The Bonsai People in Ottawa – Doc & Discuss on microcredits and social business Thursday at the Hub

Jane Porter is the Community Lead at Hub Ottawa and sustainability consultant at Stratos. After a three year stint in Finland studying and working with sustainable startups, she’s jumped into the Ottawa scene face first to see what’s shaking, vibrant and green. 

Not quite the same as having Muhammad Yunus (the Nobel Peace winner who kickstarted microcredit) in Ottawa but close!

Tomorrow night we’ll be hosting our first ‘Doc & Discuss’ at Hub Ottawa with the feature length documentary film, the Bonsai People.  This film explores the work of Muhammad Yunus and his vision from microcredit to social business. Holy Mosher (Director and Producer) will be there to lead us through the group discussion, comments, and plans for continuing community actions. Popcorn is included! 

Date: April 12, 2012

Time:  7pm-9pm (doors open at 6:45) 

Place: Hub Ottawa 

Cost: $8


Wait a minute, what’s this Hub Ottawa place you ask? 

Great question! It’s Ottawa’s hottest new social innovation studio. If international development, sustainability, arts and culture, or just making social change happen is your thing – then the Hub is your place to work, meet interesting people and get your own ideas off the ground! 

Opened just last month at 71 Bank St. (between Sparks and Queen), we’re happy to say that we have more than 100 members in Ottawa, and 4,000 social entrepreneurs globally through the Hub World network.

Come to the Doc & Discuss to check us out or drop by any time!

Thanks Jane!