Cocktails, art & funky beats: Mike invites you to check out Spins and Needles

Photo credit: Digitart2001, via Flickr

Mike Cullen (Twitter) is a young public servant who is also a regular contributor to (Cult)ure Magazine as a music editorialist. His passions include music, coffee, writing, travel and comic books.

Finding something affordable to do on a Friday night in Ottawa that doesn’t include going out for dinner or going to a club can be difficult. Movie theatres are packed, and good luck finding a quiet place to enjoy a pint if the Senators happen to be playing that night. About a year ago though, I discovered the perfect Friday night out: cocktails, do-it-yourself art projects, and funky beats — otherwise known as Spins & Needles.

The latest Spins & Needles is happening March 16.

Spins & Needles, conceived and run by Melanie Yugo and DJ Jason Pelletier, is a monthly event run in Centretown (locations vary, but if you’re added to the Facebook group, event organizers give you plenty of notice about upcoming events!), where you have a cozy environment to have a drink or two, create and listen to some great music. The best part: the art project is decided for you and your measly $8 entrance fee pays for all the materials and instruction you’ll need for your creation! February’s Make a Monster event was fantastic, and James Street Pub was packed to the rafters in the downstairs bar. I got two friends absolutely hooked on the event. And things just got better…

This Friday, March 16, is the latest Spins & Needles, and the theme is Superheroes. For your super-cheap entrance fee you’ll be given the supplies and instructions on how to storyboard your very own comic book! If you’re anything like me, the comic book, music, beer combo is honestly like … heaven on earth. For those daunted by the idea of storyboarding, an alternate art project is available. So grab a couple friends, a $20 bill, and come on down to the James Street Pub (event starts at 9pm) for a night of art and fun!

Sounds like an amazing time … and right in the heart of the city! Thanks Mike! I’m sure we’ll see a few new faces there!