Ottawa Citizen: 2011 Census – The lure of Ottawa-Gatineau

The Ottawa Citizen caught our eye yesterday, tweeting with new(ish) residents about why they moved to the region. Today, they published a great little story that’s worth checking out.

Just look at these stats: 

  • Another 102,691 people are calling Ottawa — Gatineau home, compared to five years ago
  • There’s been a 9.1-per-cent growth rate in the Ottawa-Gatineau region
  • The population of the Ottawa-Gatineau metropolitan area is now 1,236,324

What can we say, we think it's cool when journalists use Twitter to track down local sources.

The article reads:

Steven and Jensina Wilson were attracted to Ottawa because it’s a nice, clean and safe city.

The couple had been married less than a year when they packed up their lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and made the trek east in June 2010. They’re expecting their first child in May.

“We decided to move here to start a family. It’s a lot nicer a city than a lot of Saskatchewan,” [Steven Wilson] said. “We like the landscape — it’s so green here. And, compared to a lot of the rest of the country, Ottawa has a really low crime rate.”

To read the story (and we suggest you do!), head on over to the Ottawa Citizen.