Laugh, live, dance! Brian promises that Start Up’s Groove Method will leave you smiling

For all the living room / bedroom / bathroom dancers out there, Brian has a class for you (Photo credit: Keturah Stickann, via Flickr)

Brian Tong, of Start Up Dance (Twitter/YouTube), is an 86′ baby who loves dancing, marketing, and anything artistic in Ottawa. Brian continues to search and find hidden talents that deserves the spotlight and give these artists some hometown hero love.

I don’t have rhythm. I can’t dance. Everyone’s going to watch me mess up. Does these words sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, we have all been there before.

Dance classes can be intimidating, especially when a series of lingo and hard choreography are coming at you without warning! Let me introduce you to the Groove Method! If there’s anything to look out for the new year, it’s definitely this fusion class with Culture Shock Canada that gives washroom dancers a workout like never before! 

Combining the concept of laughter, fun and dance – this mixture proved to be a successful recipe for a good time. Located in the Goodlife Fitness Centre in Rideau, this is one of the few classes that’s a hidden gem for Cardio Dance in Ottawa! 

Be sure to come by with your friends and really enjoy dancing to a whole new level without the stress. Groove to your favorite songs and express as you would in your own living room.  

We’re hosting a special edition class on Jan. 16th, 2012, where Groove Method x Culture Shock will give you a workout that leaves you smiling at the end. 

Thanks, Brian! Sounds like a perfect new challenge for those of us with two left feet. All the details can be found at