Tickets on the cheap: lets you name your price for entertainment

Looking for live entertainment in Ottawa at a fraction of the price? Consider (Photo credit: MSH*, via Flickr)

Mike Matheson grew up in Ottawa and is the founder of, a new website that lets you name the price for tickets to live entertainment.

Have you ever said to yourself “I’d go see that show, but not for that price”? That’s where comes in … by letting you name your own price for tickets to some of the best shows in town.

If we can get you in for that price, then you’re in. If not, it doesn’t cost you anything.  At its core is designed to help more people enjoy more of the great live entertainment that Ottawa has. We work directly with the show’s organizers and try to put as many shows on the site as possible.

For a number of years, I was actively involved in putting on shows around town. I got a firsthand look at how much work goes into the creating great theatre, concerts, dance, and other shows. It always bothered me that there were empty seat at great shows. I was thinking about this problem one day when the proverbial lightning struck … and was born. lets you name the price you want to pay for entertainment-based tickets

My hope is that becomes a vehicle for discovery. That people go to shows they wouldn’t have otherwise because they could name their price. That some of the people who got tickets to Fred Eaglesmith, Classic Albums Live, GCTC’s Whispering Pines, the Gladstone’s Speed-the-Plow or any of the other great shows we have put on sale. I hope they took a chance and were blown away.  That the time between when the lights dim and the performers take their final bows was a memorable experience that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. 

I also hope that it improves the experience for everyone by delivering fuller houses for performers and the rest of the audience’s enjoyment. I know that I would rather see or perform a show in a full theatre than a half empty one. There is nothing like the buzz of a full building before, during, and after a great show.

Fundamentally, I hope that contributes to a thriving live entertainment scene in Ottawa.

This week, until Tuesday at 9 pm, tickets for the Celtic Tenors are available on You can also sign up for alerts.