Still hunting for the perfect tree? Check out Agritourist Lara Bender’s guide to tree farms in Ottawa

Photo credit: Lara Bender

Fun fact: in 2010, Agritourist Lara Bender visited a number of Christmas tree farms in the Ottawa region, and wrote articles about each and every one of them

We love to blog, but we also love to celebrate the great blogs in our area that already exist – and Lara’s is definitely one of them.

Photo credit: Lara Bender

She is the creator of Agritourism Ottawa, a blog that profiles wineries, orchards, gardens, farm tours, and other agricultural destinations within an hour’s drive of Ottawa. 

So, are you still hunting for a tree?

Check out Lara’s guide, including write-ups of Ian’s Evergreen Plantation, Cedar Hill Berry Farm, Kings Creek Trees, Fallowfield Tree Farm, Hillcrest Tree Farm, Thomas Tree Farm,  and Briggs Trees.

It’s definitely the most comprehensive snapshot we’ve found! Thanks Lara!

Where do you get your Christmas tree?