Are you a closet ‘ideas’ person? Join Hub Ottawa during its pop-up weekend!

Hub Ottawa's new home is at 71 Bank Street (6th Floor)

Jane Porter (blog/Twitter) is a the Community Lead at Hub Ottawa and sustainability consultant at Stratos. After a three year stint in Finland studying and working with sustainable startups, she’s jumped into the Ottawa scene face first to see what’s shaking, vibrant and green. 

Do you dream up ideas to change the world (but then quietly tuck them away and put on your business clothes to get back to your day job?)

I remember a few years ago while away at school, I used to dream up all of these wonderful ideas about stimulating youth to think big and take on jobs that had meaning. My theory went that if we had more people “making change their day job,” our world would be a better place. Fast forward: I’m now back in Ottawa and – and doing just that in setting up Hub Ottawa!

What exactly is Hub Ottawa? Well, it’s a concept that combines dynamic work/think spaces, collaborative community and an accelerator to enable people to kick-start, grow and launch socially driven initiatives and enterprises that address pressing challenges we face. It’s also a place to brainstorm, meet, work, connect and innovate. At a Hub, individuals and groups can find the inspiration they need to kick-start an idea, find the support they need, and reach their goals faster when surrounded by a community of social innovators that makes everyone smarter and more effective.

The Hub team hard at work

While we’ve been at work for months now — working with such great teams as VRTUCAR and EF Magazine —  Hub Ottawa finally has a studio space  downtown where people with ideas to ‘change the world’ can work, play, connect and create.  We’re very excited to be (sort of) opening this weekend at 71 Bank Street, 6th Floor (by  Bank and Sparks) with a  Hub Pop Up Weekend. Even better, we’re inviting YOU to help design the future space, which will officially launch in early 2012.

Check out the details below for this coming weekend:  

Designing the Space with Future Members
Friday, Nov. 25 from 5:30 pm to 8 pm
Open for our future members to go design crazy in the 3100 sq. ft. open space and help us co-create the collaborative work studio.  Professional designers/architects & students will be joining! If you want to be a member, let us know at

Pop in for Pop UP! (Open to the public)
Saturday, Nov. 26 from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday, Nov. 27 from 10 am to 1 pm
Everyone is invited to drop in throughout the day to check out the buzz of Hub Ottawa, when you’ll be able to learn what becoming a member is all about. Pop in and talk to us! We’ll also be holding a Design Charrette.

A design what?  Design Charrette (taken from Wikipedia): 

A charrette (pronounced [shuh-ret], often Anglicized to charette and sometimes called a design charrette) consists of an intense period of design activity.

Design and architecture students from Carleton U and Algonquin College, plus other young professionals, will be turning our future members’ ideas into reality during Hub Ottawa’s design charrette. Tell them what you’d like to see at the Hub throughout the weekend! Then, on Sunday from 10-12pm, we’ll be hearing their presentations.

YOU can help design the Hub Ottawa space this weekend by sharing your ideas

If you’re interested in joining the Hub, we’ll be having some crazy membership discounts available this weekend as well. Come to Pop Up to find out more! ALL TAKING PLACE AT 71 BANK ST. (6TH FLOOR) THIS WEEKEND.

Sorry to say that the elevator is currently out … but it’s a good workout. 🙂 

And just so you know, we’re not alone in doing this either. There are “Hubs” in over 30 cities around the world including: London, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Sao Paolo, Cairo, San Francisco and Halifax – and they’re all connected.  Very cool.  

Any questions? Register for the Pop Up Weekend here, and don’t hesitate to contact Jane or anyone on the Hub Ottawa team.