Congratulations Hilary! LTO contributing editor kicks off bi-weekly food reviews with Ottawa XPress

We know humble Hilary Duff would be the last to toot her own horn, but we’re excited! 

Hilary Duff

Hilary is a fantastic young journalist who has played a huge role in making LTO what it is, and now, she’s going to be  the new, bi-weekly restaurant critic for Ottawa XPress!

Her first review? A regular haunt for local journos – The Manx.

The Manx is a hidden gem literally, its location surprisingly well concealed, particularly considering its placement on Elgin Street. Descending the outside stairs, the narrow entrance gives way to a cozy cavern of a room. Low lighting bleeds down the walls, met with and absorbed by the dark sheen of the wooden floor.

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Photo credit: Ben Welland of Byfield Pitman Photography (via

Congratulations Hilary! Ottawa XPress couldn’t have picked a better person!