Cleaning up as others clean out: The Great Crafting De-Stash offers DIY deals

The Great Crafting De-Stash will see artists unload their spare supplies at discount rates

Katrina Heer (Twitter) is a fourth-year journalism student at Carleton University. In her spare time she likes to watch movies, shop impulsively online, and snuggle into bed with the latest issue of InStyle and a cup of tea. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in fashion-journalism.     

We’ve all heard the old saying: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

So have Bridget Remai and Christina Ballhorn – co-owners of Flock Boutique, a trendy clothing, accessories and jewelry shop on Wellington Street. It is this very same idea that they have taken and added their own little twist to, hosting the shop’s first-ever unused craft sale called “The Great Crafting De-Stash.”

Flock Boutique is located at 1275 Wellington St. W.

From Nov. 1-14, the gallery space at Flock will be decked out from floor to ceiling in fabric, yarn, paint, beads, and scrap material – the results of a mass de-cluttering of over 25 designers’ studios. As Remai so eloquently puts it, it’s a “classic win-win” situation: Designers finally have a reason to do that much-needed spring (fall?) cleaning of their work spaces while craft-enthusiasts – such as myself – can score high-quality crafting supplies at practically next-to-nothing prices. What more could you want?

Every crafter's dream!

An artist herself and self-proclaimed “crafting hoarder,” Remai says she knows the challenge some designers face in parting with their unused craft supplies. So she created the event to provide that little extra encouragement. All of the items are priced by the individual designer and are grouped in clear plastic bags for easy perusal. Whatever doesn’t get snatched up will be donated to a school program or returned to the designer, if they so choose, adds Remai.

For the most part, everything runs for under ten dollars with bags of buttons and beads priced at three and four dollars apiece, and fabric scraps at five. What a steal! Remai herself has relinquished over 150 bottles of fabric dye to the “spring cleaning” initiative. Wow.

Fabric and yarn for every occasion

She and Ballhorn are no strangers to DIY arts and crafts. Each woman has her own design line – Wine on Sundays and Loot by Stina B. respectively – which can both be found at Flock.  On top of that, they also share a second shop, Workshop Studio and Boutique on Dalhousie Street. No wonder it took these busy ladies over three days to de-stash their studios!

Flock is home to over 150 collections of clothing, jewelry, and accessories, all by independent, Canadian women designers!

Does Remai have any advice for the craft junkie searching for that perfect button or bead? Hint: There’s no need for elbows! “Bring time,” she advises. “There are probably a hundred bags of beads I’ve put into inventory already and every single one is different so you’re gonna wanna take time and look through the Ziploc and take a look and see what you actually want.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the challenge! Flock Boutique is located at 1275 Wellington St. W., so if you’re in the neighbourhood, go check out this great event! Happy browsing and good luck with your crafting endeavours! 

Thanks, Katrina! Scavenging for supplies sounds like a fun DIY project in itself!