Pieces of the world: The Ottawa Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show celebrates its sapphire anniversary

Ottawa Gem and Mineral Show

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We have a lot of different interests here at LTO: Hilary likes food. Brian likes dance. Emily likes fitness.

I’m proud to say it: I like rocks.

Curling Rink at Nepean Sportsplex

This is why, every year, I get so excited about the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club’s annual Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show.

I know what you’re thinking, but stay with me.

Always held the last weekend of September at the Nepean Sportsplex, the show fills to capacity with more than 60 dealers and exhibitors. They show minerals, fossils,  gemstones, as well as jewelry, crystals, beads, carvings and more.

In addition to dealers, the show also features demonstrations, seminars and informal gemstone evaluations.

I kid you not, the lineup this morning was out the door – women (and men) scrambling for fairly priced one-of-a-kind jewelry, rock collectors like me, and of course, kids who were fascinated by the science and sparkle of it all.

Check it out:

Minerals at the Ottawa Gem and Mineral Show

A closer look at the minerals

I was actually surprised by how many people filled the venue this year. I thought this show was my little secret, but I often forget it isn’t just about the minerals — it’s a beautiful jewelry showcase.

Lots and lots of rings

Handmade necklaces: Originals By Andrea

Everything amber

Bits and pieces...in gold


What did I get?

Green Apophyllite from Maharashtra, India

Malachite from Congo, Africa

Azurite, from the Bou Beeker Mine in Tourissit, Morocco

Celestite from Sakoany, Madagascar

Barite, from the Meikle Mine in Nevada, United States

Oh, and of course:

"Green amethyst" earrings, with a matching mixed-amethyst pendant from Twilight Jewelry

This year marks the Ottawa Lapsmith and Mineral Club’s 45th year: happy sapphire anniversary!

Sunday is the last day to check it out, and for just six bucks (three for seniors, free for kids), you can go explore some fantastic natural wonders born from all over the world.