Hello Ottawa’s Anne Patterson interviewed on CBC


Anne Patterson is the creator of Hello Ottawa, a blog that photographs and interviews Ottawans about their relationship with the city, their favourite places, and their lives.  

Anne Patterson

Here at Local Tourist Ottawa, we are huge fans of Anne’s project, so we were thrilled to hear her interviewed on CBC this week. 

“It’s sharing stories from people from who you might not otherwise meet,” she says in the interview. “Especially for people who might not have a chance to share their stories like Lindsay or Corey, who don’t necessarily have an outlet, but have really interesting stories and really strong messages that they’d like to share with the world. I really like that I can give them a platform to do that.”

Click here to hear the full five minute interview, Meeting People One Interview at a Time, on CBC’s Ottawa Morning.

Congratulations on the well-deserved interest in your fantastic Ottawa project Anne!