Geneviève Brisson visits The Flatbread Pizza Company at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market

Ottawa Farmers' Market at Landsdowne Park (via Flickr)

Geneviève Brisson is a master’s student in communication at the University of Ottawa, working on a thesis on gastronomic tourism. An Ottawa native, she has an appetite for discovering everything the National Capital Region has to offer, especially its burgeoning food scene.

On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon this summer, my boyfriend and I set out on our first ever visit of the Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Lansdowne Park.

Since I have been exploring the local foods available to us more than ever this year – what with a backyard vegetable garden, a bi-weekly basket of produce through Community Shared Agriculture (CSA), and visits to various farmers’ markets in the area – a trip to the very popular Ottawa Farmers’ Market was a must. Another draw of this particular market for me was the chance to try a wood-fired pizza at The Flatbread Pizza Company.

The Flatbread Pizza Company prepares and cooks their pizzas on site using a wood-burning clay oven on wheels. The Sunday we were there, they had three choices on offer, priced between $8 and $10 for an eight inch pizza.

Wood-fired pizza from The Flatbread Pizza Company

You basically place your order, pay, and walk away five minutes later with a beautiful pizza strait out of the oven! And while you wait, you can watch your pizza being made or wander around the nearby stands.

We opted for a pizza of local summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, fresh rosemary and goat cheese. The crust had a nice slightly crisp bottom, with light and airy edges. The goat cheese was creamy, and the squash and tomatoes gave the pizza an overall delightfully fresh flavour. My only disappointment was with the general absence of rosemary; I only spotted of one leaf of the herb.

To savour our pizza, we sat down at a plastic table in the (thankfully!) shaded tent area, where we looked around at all the people, many of them families. Everyone, big and small, seemed to be having a good time. A magician then came over to our table and performed a few tricks for us, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Magician Elliott Smith was great at entertaining both kids and adults.

We then walked around the entire market, talking to some of the vendors and ogling all the produce, meat, baked goods and various products at their stands. We purchased new potatoes from Roots Down Organic Farm as well as lamb and dandelion cheese from Canreg Station Farm & Pasture Dairy to take home for dinner.

Our experience at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market was quite enjoyable! The atmosphere is friendly, and the market has an incredible variety of vendors, which means that there truly is something for everyone. I also loved that we could both satisfy our immediate hunger by eating there, and bring home some fresh, local food to enjoy later.

The Ottawa Farmers’ Market ends at the end of October, so there is still time to go explore it one Sunday and try a fresh wood-burning pizza from The Flatbread Pizza Company for lunch.

The Ottawa Farmers’ Market is hands down one of our favourite autumn gems. Thanks for the great post!