Getting Grounded: Kitchen & Coffeehouse offers solid food and warm welcome

Grounded Kitchen & Coffeehouse (100 Gloucester Street)

Yuko Inoue (blog) came to Ottawa from Japan one year ago to study at Carleton University. After a summer serving as photo editor of The Charlatan, Carleton’s student newspaper, she’s now starting her second year of journalism. In her spare time, Yuko likes art, live music and exploring the city’s food scene. 

“We pick good quality ingredients to make good quality food” says Gabriel Pollock, a co-owner and the head chef of the Grounded Kitchen.

The kitchen/coffeehouse opened in Centretown just over a year ago (in the summer of 2010), serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The decor is a combination of recycled and refurbished things — including a bar made out of old whiskey barrels.

The welcoming atmosphere of Grounded triumphs: The staff welcomes people with an actual “Good morning!”  and talk over from the kitchen to answer any questions one might have. They also bring your meals over to the table — including the breakfast sandwiches — which is a treat for such a relaxed space.

A breakfast sandwich and coffee costs $6.50

For breakfast, I enjoyed a big mug of bold coffee and a toasted twelve-grain sandwich with melted brie cheese, ham and fresh sliced tomatoes. It was a bit of a steal, ringing in at $6.50 in total (with the sandwich itself being $4.50). The ingredients went along well together, but were perhaps not exceptional. The bold coffee I had was not too sour and offered that the deep kind of feeling you can only get from strong coffees.

Next, let’s try lunch time!

The salad was called Green & Gold: Baby spinach with diced beets, toasted nuts, goat cheese and cider vinaigrette. The “modest” size set me back $6. The cheese melted in my mouth, but I might have liked it with a little less oil. Still, it was good.

Grounded offers breakfast, lunch and dinner

My friend had “Today’s Special.” (Yes, I know, I’m boring by comparison.) It was a cutlet with a rich meat & mushroom sauce on top. It came with seasonal vegetables, like asparagus. The cost? $10.

As hinted at before, what I loved the most about Grounded was the warm atmosphere. Entering, you feel like you’re almost friends with the staff there — people who were clearly passionate about providing the best food they could.

Grounded Kitchen is located at 100 Gloucester St. (near O’Connor) and is open an impressive 7 am to 9 pm on Monday to Friday.

Thanks for sharing, Yuko! Sounds like a bit of a hidden gem! Do you have a favourite space you’d like to share? Tell us about it!