We’re excited: The Red Apron announced its 100 Mile Menu!

The Red Apron is located at 564 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa

The Red Apron‘s goal is to get friends, family and loved ones back to the table around fresh, wholesome and well-prepared food. They sent us a note this evening announcing the shop’s 100-mile menu, and we got so excited we thought we’d share it.

For over three years, the owners at The Red Apron have been challenging their team to produce two weeks of menus using ingredients sourced from within 100 miles of their store.

You might think that for a business like The Red Apron, this would be simple – it’s actually quite a challenge. We don’t grow many lemons, olives, or pineapples in Canada. Although we do grow many grains, very little of what Canada produces is grown within 100 miles of Ottawa.

This year The Red Apron has established relationships with two local grain farmers. For Castor River Farm, grain growing is their primary farming activity and they have successfully sourced seeds, planted, cultivated, harvested and cleaned: oats, barley, numerous wheat including Canada’s red fife wheat, and buckwheat.

Castor River Farm

The second farm is Harvest Hill Organics, where Ron and Maureen McCoy farm their 180 acres of land organically. Their 65 purebred Holstein cows produce milk under the Organic Meadows label, and they grow a large variety of crops including open pollinated corn and heritage varieties of oats, spelt, some flax and sunflowers.

The products of these new relationships have heavily influenced the menu we have created for this year’s 100-mile celebrations.

This year’s two week menu features produce, grains and meat from more than 10 local and organic producers. Cool, right? To read the full menu click here.