Summer search words


After looking through the thousands of search terms that sent you our way this summer, these were the ones that stood out. 

  • Best brunch Ottawa (a regular theme for our audience)
  • Ottawa cupcakes (I suppose we’ve become a bit of a hotspot for this)
  • Erotic Ottawa (how about a whole erotic week in the Nation’s Capital?)
  • Sword fighting Ottawa (think we don’t have content for this? Think again.)
  • Self taught magic from a book (at first we were confused, but we think we’ve figured this one out)
  • Yoga on Parliament Hill (all you have to do is breathe)
  • wearing black scotts today i changed my mind i’m going to wear white ones (whoever you are, we want to hear from you)
  • Best place to meet women in Ottawa (there are plenty of spots, according to Jocelyn Wentland)
  • Where can you go to watch stars in Ottawa (take a telescope tour with Elizabeth Howell)
Thanks for dropping by everyone!