A four diamond green oasis for your wedding – The Brookstreet Hotel

Brookstreet Hotel

LTO’s resident wedding expert, Dr. Alan Viau has been performing weddings and other life celebrations in Ottawa since 2004. On his own blog, he compiles useful tips on what’s gone well and what to watch for based on the hundreds of weddings he’s conducted in the National Capital Region.

Brides and grooms want to have a luxurious wedding and many are wanting to balance luxury with being environmentally responsible or “green”.  Normally you associate a four diamond hotel with luxury and excess. The Brookstreet in Kanata is distinguishing itself by being luxurious and green as well. The Brookstreet provides a superior upscale hotel resort experience while reducing its carbon footprint and impact on the environment. In a sense, the bride and groom can have their cake and eat it while the left overs of the meal are sent to the compost and recycling bins.

I met Caroline Savignac, Communications Manager for the Brookstreet, at the Starbucks outlet in the hotel. While basking in sunlight near a large window, I sipped on my café mocha and I told her of the locations at the hotel where I’ve performed weddings. 

Caroline Savignac and Alan Viau

I’ve conducted ceremonies in their large pavilion, which has a capacity of 300 people, and on the beautifully landscaped grounds. The Brookstreet has several ballrooms and smaller rooms as indoor venues. I had one bride who went the extra distance on ensuring that the room looked like a church. The room included an alter, the slight smell of incense and of course organ music. My favorite is the penthouse lounge that has a great vista of the rural setting surrounding the hotel.

The list of environmental initiatives at the Brookstreet is impressive. In 2007 Brookstreet conducted a waste audit and as a result initiated a comprehensive waste reduction program. For example, they implemented organic waste collection, an extended recycling program, automated climate control systems, a paperless night audit and email receipt of all incoming faxes, and the removal of all high energy use accent lighting. When in October 2010 a second waste audit was conducted, it showed that their monthly diversion rate to landfill was two tones. In addition, all of their power to meeting rooms, ballroom and lobby is supplied by green energy provider, Bullfrog Power, who derives its power from solar and wind sources.  

It certainly proves that the hotel is eco-minded.

This attention to the environment goes hand in hand with its reputation as a sensational hotel. Its 276 rooms are well outfitted. The bedding is hypo-allergenic and many rooms are accessible. The hotel displays 1,300 pieces of original art from Ottawa’s Canterbury High School Art Program. They cater to all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. They will work with a couple if special diets are required such as halal or kosher.  The Brookstreet offers a superb spa and golf course for the bride and groom to enjoy.  

As Caroline put it, the Brookstreet is an oasis where the bride and groom can come and feel that their stay was extraordinary and memorable.

Thanks Alan!