Les Twins make a dance appearance on Ottawa’s Sparks Street

Brian Tong of Start Up Dance (blog/Twitter/YouTube) is an 86′ baby who loves dancing, marketing, and anything artistic in Ottawa. Brian continues to search and find hidden talents that deserves the spotlight and give these artists some hometown hero love.

This post is beyond the usual.

Sometimes as a Local Tourist here in Ottawa you may pass by some famous celebrities – if you’re lucky. But recently, after the announcement of Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour, the Capital was lucky to have the show’s dancers right here for a little vacation before starting work for Cirque Du Soleil.

French hip-hop dance duo Les Twins are world famous for the raw material in dance and recognized by the best – including Beyonce. Currently touring around the world and making appearances in shows, music videos and other work – they took the time off and became Local Tourists themselves.

As a dancer, I feel blessed to know that the grounds they danced on will be the same steps I’ll be walking over every day on my way to work.

Enjoy their piece danced on Sparks Street!