Urban and awesome: Brian already eagerly awaiting next year’s House of Paint

Photo Credit: Tjololo Photo via Flickr

Brian Tong of Start Up Dance (blog/Twitter/YouTube) is an 86′ baby who loves dancing, marketing, and anything artistic in Ottawa. Brian continues to search and find hidden talents that deserves the spotlight and give these artists some hometown hero love. 

Ottawa has so many hidden gems! As a local tourist, I hear that statement a lot, but had no idea House of Paint was literally hidden from the public eye. Located in between vibrant neighbourhoods — and more specifically, between a park and university — it’s definitely a hidden gem that holds the city’s most hyped about urban event of the year. Dedicated to the graffiti artists and those who support the art form, this event helps to raise awareness through dance, music and, of course, graffiti. (See more photos here and here.)

Photo Credit: fieldtripp via Flickr

The first time I heard about this event, I definitely thought it’d be focused towards a niche group of people and that I would feel like an outcast of the community. I was proven wrong; the very soul of the event was ALL about community. Never have I seen a group be so open and welcoming to everyone that visited the House of Paint: it was definitely something new in the nation’s capital. And I got a chance to watch these amazing dancers throw it down under the hidden bridge.

If the world’s best dancers was able to hear about this event, I believe our local tourists deserve to hear about it too. Enjoy this video by Michael Naprorkowski which features Ottawa’s own Flavor Factor Urban School giving a bit of love to the dance floor.

And stick around the House of Paint’s Facebook page to keep yourself updated for the upcoming year! Until then, keep on dancing Ottawa!

You may have to wait another whole year before the next House of PainT, but some of the group’s graffiti artists will be at OttawaU’s Frosh on Sept. 9. And still check out the graffiti keeping the Dunbar Bridge colourful!