Behind Beau’s: ‘Move the Family Back Home’ offers inside look at popular brewery

Travis Boisvenue is a king of communications: A writer, blogger, radio host, photographer and producer of videos. He’s also a regular contributor to MediaStyle and Open File Ottawa. Now, he’s made a very cool, eight-minute documentary on the family success story that is Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Co.

Most Ottawa natives know the story behind Beau’s: Founded five years ago by father-and-son team Tim and Steve Beauchene, the brewery uses all natural, organic ingredients to make their award-winning Lug-Tread Lager in Vankleek Hill, about an hour’s drive east of Ottawa.

But don’t take our word for it: Watch on to learn more!

The company produces a number of other beers seasonally throughout the year, but it’s Lug Tread that’s in heavy demand around the Ottawa region and beyond. In fact, Beau’s had to cut its sales to the high-volume LCBO stores of Toronto because they simply couldn’t keep up production. (Beau’s is currently 100 per cent DIY — meaning the company brews, sells, markets and delivers its own beer.)

To get your hand on a pint, Beau’s website offers a full list of where their suds are on sale and on tap.

And if you love Beau’s as much as Travis does, grab your Early Bird tickets to the brewery’s annual Oktoberfest party starting THIS FRIDAY.