Checking off an item on her life list: Hollie Davies walks across hot coals

Firewalk Canada, Fang Shen Do Pagoda

Hollie Davies is the woman behind, a blog dedicated to providing you with fun, ridiculous, crazy and inspiring things to do. A lover of earl grey tea and music, Hollie was born and raised in Ottawa. She hopes to inspire you to live a bigger and bolder life — and keeps a pretty impressive list of her own experiences, too. 

One of my first goals in the process of fulfilling my life list was to walk across hot coals.

Local Tourist Hollie Davies

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves-in finding themselves.” -Andre Gide.

I entered this goal into Google Search, and came across Firewalk Canada. It turned out that they were holding a walk at the beautiful 16-acre Fang Shen Do retreat in Casselman. It was meant to be.

I arrived at the 1.5 hour special pre-firewalk ritual, where the instructors’ aim is to dissolve fear and other emotional blocks that are keeping you from living life to the fullest. Many cultures have undergone the amazing firewalk ritual, as a rite of passage and initiation, or a test of courage. When it came time for the actual firewalk, it was a powerful, life-changing and transformative experience.

After the firewalk we gathered in the Pagoda to share stories and experiences from the firewalk – I reflected on how I not only completed a goal, but created a memory I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Very cool, Hollie. Thanks for sharing! What’s on your life list, Ottawa?