The ORCC’s Sandy Onyalo featured on Hello Ottawa

Sandy Onyalo (Photo credit: Anne Patterson)

Our friend Sandy Onyalo, Executive Director of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre, was recently featured on Hello Ottawa!

Run by Anne PattersonHello Ottawa is a great project that photographs and interviews Ottawans about their relationship with the city, their favourite places, and their lives.

Here is a quote from Sandy’s interview, about one of the lessons she learned moving from Toronto to Ottawa:

Ottawa has been good for me, though. I’ve been learning that people are open to change, but it has to come slowly, and there has to be buy-in and it has to be within people’s comfort zones. It’s allowed me to slow down and work with people at their own speed. In the end, I think it’s just as enriching as if we were really fired up about it. But it’s a different pace here. It’s been good for me to slow down.

Click here to read more, and thanks for the great feature, Anne!