Sunday wrap up! (May 29)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Did you miss any of the great things about Ottawa our Local Tourists shared this week?

Here is a snapshot:

  • Our new friends Julie Hong and Katherine Forster dropped by to introduce Ottawa Urban Wild Tours, a unique way for people to become more familiar with our great city’s natural environments
  • Very talented food writer Johanna Read visited Ottawa’s Sidedoor restaurant (two words: lobster curry)
  • Emily Rack returned for #FitnessFriday, with a wonderful post on how she recently sweat her way through a sword fight 
  • Another new Local Tourist to join our growing project, Barbara D., weaved a great tale together covering Ottawa’s Sheep Shearing Festival (great photos!)

As you can see our contributors roster is growing, and its growing fast. We’re inching closer and closer to our 100th Local Tourist, and we’d love for more local Ottawa residents to get involved in our project.

Do you want to be a Local Tourist and share what you believe makes this city great? Just fill out the form below.