Introducing…Ottawa Urban Wild Tours

Ottawa Urban Wild Tours launched on May 8, 2011 and will be presented over the course of this spring and summer.

Julie Hong and Katherine Forster volunteer with Transition Town Ottawa, a group helping to face the challenges of Peak Oil /Climate Change by encouraging practical solutions on a local scale and promoting local community resilience.

This spring there’s a new opportunity to get up close to nature: Ottawa Urban Wild Tours, a series presented by Transition Ottawa as a way  for people to get to become familiar with the city’s natural environments.  The series of five tours, which we kicked off in conjunction with Jane’s Walk on May 8th, are being presented over the course of the spring and summer.

Recently at Heron , we learned about urban foraging – discovering wild edibles that could be growing in our own backyards or as close as our neighbourhood park. How about making a tasty salad from weeds? Or a nice tea from pine or spruce needles? 

Heck, why not?

Ottawa Urban Wild Tours

Julie tasted the lily leaf; it had a firm crispness and was indeed, sweet and mild.  The plant that most piqued my own interest was the dandelion.  Every part of the dandelion can be made into food: the flowers can be made into fritters, the young leaves eaten in salads, the stems sautéed like green beans, and the roots roasted and ground to make a coffee-like drink. I was excited to get back home and see what was growing right out my back door.  It was an informative, entertaining walk and a fine afternoon’s adventure.

Come check out the rest of the walks in the series!  Next, we’ll be learning the basics of tracking animals, then we’ll explore a local marsh, then  a local stream, and finally, we’ll learn to identify nut trees right downtown. It’s an opportunity to learn about urban nature, and to get to know the city in a fun and unique way!

Thanks Julie and Katherine!