‘Fairs are amazing for small kids’: Lara Wellman shares one of her family’s favourite summer pastimes

Kids enjoying one of Ottawa's many local fairs

Lara Wellman is a wife, mother, and social media lover/freelancer. As co-founder of Kids in the Capital and Losing it in Ottawa, Lara loves to build online communities that translate into real life communities.

Play-all-day passes can be worth it for kids

For years I have noticed the small fairs that pop up around the city in the summer. You know the ones: the travelling fairs with the midway rides. I admit, I often wondered who went to them because personally, I never had any interest.

But when our son was almost three we decided to check one out – and he loved it! He didn’t stop talking about it for months! I had no idea these fairs are amazing for small kids!

Conquering this fish net was a big accomplishment for K.

That first visit we started with a few tickets. Then we learned that most of these fairs have unlimited access passes — usually for about $20.

I also learned that by not cheaping out the kids got WAY more enjoyment out of the fair. Going round and round the mirror/glass house and the climbing-slide house (those are the technical terms, I’m sure!) for example.

The operators of the rides are usually pretty nice about letting parents go in to help the kids if things get difficult without any extra cost, too. (Even getting to ride the bumper cars!)

Bumper cars

So if you were like me and weren’t sure whether travelling fairs are worth taking young kids to, believe me: they are! Keep your eyes open, and when you find yourself driving by, take the time to make a day of it. 

Thanks, Lara! Anyone else planning summer-fun stay-cations already? Tell us about it!