Mike Cullen on one of his favourite days of the year: Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day occurs the first Saturday of every May

Mike Cullen is a young public servant who is also a regular contributor to (Cult)ure Magazine as a music editorialist. His passions include music, coffee, writing, travel and comic books.

Free Comic Book Day is like Chrismukkah for comic book geeks everywhere.

Originally a North American event, it has grown to other countries around the world in the last few years. The first Saturday of every May, Free Comic Book Day usually coincides with the release of a major comic book movie (originally Spider-Man back in 2002, this year’s event coincides with the theatrical release of Thor).

On this day comic book retailers everywhere offer up pre-determined promo comics from the major publishers, for free. This year’s offerings included a Green Lantern book from DC Comics (with the film coming out next month and all), and a Captain America/Thor book out from Marvel Entertainment (again, with both characters hitting the big screen this summer). Some publishers release kid-friendly books, but all publishers do it not only as a thank-you to existing fanbases, but also as a way to attract new readers.

Silver Snail, at the corner of Bank and James, Ottawa

I tried to get into the Comic Book Shoppe at Bank and Lisgar on Free Comic Book Day because I know that store goes all out for the event; staff dresses up in costumes, and fans are encouraged to come out in their best as well (aside from Halloween or costume parties, when else are you going to see someone dressed up as Spider-Man, Darth Vader or even Wonder Woman?).

This intrepid Clark Kent woke up a bit late though, and by the time I arrived at the Comic Book Shoppe, there was a huge line-up outside the store, and I had a tight schedule for the day. I opted to walk down to Silver Snail at the corner of Bank and James instead. They were decidedly quieter, with no major events planned, so at least I was able to get my swag.

So regardless if you’re a Geek or a Geek-in-Training mark Saturday May 5th, 2012 on your calendar, because as you know, Free Comic Book Day comes only but once a year!

Thanks Mike!