What are you doing for International Astronomy Day?

International Astronomy Day is this Saturday, May 7th

Sean McConnery is a photographer and outdoors nut. Born and raised in Ottawa, he now lives in Thurso, Quebec.

I bet you didn’t know that Saturday May 7th is International Astronomy Day- a day that is all about sharing the joy of astronomy with those who have never had an opportunity to view the moon and planets through a telescope.

The mission of this day is to bring astronomy to the people.

Astronomy clubs, museums, observatories, planetariums and many others all over the world will host or sponsor events for the public in parks, shopping malls and many other locations. Have you ever seen the rings of Saturn or detailed views of the craters on the moon? Many people in the city never look up at night to see any of the amazing things happening in the heavens, figuring that with the light pollution (which increases yearly) there will be nothing to see.

For more information on International Astronomy Day, visit http://www.oaog.ca

The Ottawa Valley Astronomers and Observers Group (OAOG) aims to educate the public on what they can an will see when viewing the Ottawa sky. What appears to be very peaceful is full of explosions, nurseries of new stars and deaths of the old. Of course, if you drive just south of the city you can experience a whole new universe of billions of stars and galaxies – and our members will gladly answer any of your questions.

Here’s another thing I bet you didn’t know: Ottawa hosts one of the biggest International Astronomy Day events in Canada.

The OAOG  will be hosting a free Star Party from morning to 11 p.m. at the Chapters, SilverCity in Gloucester.

In previous years there has been between 50 to 100 telescopes of various sizes and types for the public to look through, and attendance has always been in the thousands!

This year's free Star Party will take place at the SilverCity in Gloucester

Being able to lay back on a clear night to watch the stars, find the constellations and realize that you are seeing these incredible objects that are at a distance which is measured in light years is truly spectacular.

Sharing this view with others is what drives my passion.

Have you looked up lately?