Date night: Now that’s a burger

Super cheese burger from Burger & Shake, located at 5510 Limebank Road in Manotick

Shelly Lyonnais is a local elementary school teacher who has been living in Ottawa on and off for 20 years.  She spends her weekends in search of Ottawa’s great date night dinner locations.

Sometimes you just need a low key kind of date night… even better if you have a date night where you can wear your comfy clothes and take the dog!

We recently had one of those nights. We considered the fast food options in our area (nearly non existent) and decided that if we have a hankering for a burger, why not go somewhere that has really good burgers instead of the ones that will inevitably give us a belly ache.

Not far from our subdivision is the Burger & Shake, a little shack on Limebank near St. Mark’s highschool in Manotick.  It is surrounded by a mini putt, a driving range, a picnic table area and soccer fields.  I had read reviews about the awesome burgers and fresh ingredients so I was really excited to try it for myself.  

If you like the indoors there are a few tables inside the small restaurant where you can dine, but if you enjoy the outdoors there are picnic tables and tables with chairs outside.  We opted for taking our dinner home… although the picnic tables would have been very nice had it not been raining all day.

Come know you love it. Where's your favourite place to get poutine in the city?

Dinner is ordered from a counter which is opened to the grill behind so that you can see the magic happen as you wait.  The staff is really friendly and patient as your eyes inevitably pour over the list of burgers, fries, poutine, shakes, ice cream and more.

We ordered a super cheese burger with the works: ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, lettuce, tomato, hot peppers and onions.  

This patty was monstrous and it wasn’t even the largest size! Seriously??  Look at that burger!  I cannot believe that we were considering  a drive thru!  I will take this opportunity to thank the lovely people at the Burger & Shake for wrapping this burger really well (in wax paper and then in the container pictured above) because on my way out of the car I dropped this beauty and it held together beautifully.

Along with the burger we also purchased a small poutine. This poutine contained fresh cut fries, gravy and cheese curds that still squeaked (a true sign of freshness).

As if the above mentioned items were not enough, we ordered one more thing to share: a vanilla shake that didn’t make it home.  The milkshake was creamy and thick, my only complaint is that I didn’t get my own.

This was a great meal for a low key Saturday night when the most important thing is a little family time and not necessarily dressing up and going out on the town.  

I have a feeling that this little place will be our local place this summer… what is yours?

Thanks Shelly!