Julie L. takes Jellybean to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Smothermother (a.k.a. Julie) is a local blogger who likes to do fun stuff with her hubby and son “jellybean”… and if it’s on the cheap? Even better.

So, where can you dress up like an astronaut, climb into a fighter jet cockpit and make aviator goggles?  Why the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, that’s where!

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Location: 11 Aviation Parkway
  • Hours: 10 to 5 p.m., Monday to Sunday (closed Tuesdays).  But come May 1, they are open seven days a week from 9 to 5 p.m.
  • Fees: Adults $9; seniors and students $6; kids 4 to 15 $5; kids 4 and under FREE; and veterans are free as well.  And an extra bonus, they have a family price of $18.
  • Parking: Also free

The Aviation Museum has one of the finest aeronautical collections in the world and houses the most extensive aircraft collection in Canada – it is a must see for any aviation buffs out there.  And while many parents don’t consider it a place to go with the kidlets, I’m here to change their minds.

Commander Jellybean

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is a favourite of the jellybean. It has wide open spaces to run walk briskly, lots of buttons to push, videos to watch, planes to ooh and ahh at, a play area and now, astronaut suits!

More buttons!

With the addition of space to its mandate, the museum now features space flight – which is pretty cool.  And what better way to get kids engaged than to let them dress up and play in a space station.   For a kid like the jellybean who is all about pretend play, this has been a huge hit.  And they have suit for adults too so that they don’t miss out on all the fun.

Jellybean exploring...

The staff at the Aviation Museum are friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable.  The museum is also well known for its great birthday parties and summer camp. Not sure? I have two words for you: LEGO and spaceship.  What better combination is there?

Jellybean at the Canada Space and Aviation Museum

And this summer they are opening a new exhibit called Green Skies Ahead which will talk about how the aviation industry is trying to be more carbon-friendly with new innovative technologies.  In the summer months, you can also take a bi-plane or helicopter ride (for an additional fee of course).

Jellybean in the new lobby of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

So if you haven’t yet travelled down to the end of the Aviation Parkway, you really should. For the jellybean and me, it’s a great way to spend a cold or rainy afternoon.

Thanks Julie! We love to hear about great places to take kids in the city. Do your little ones have a favourite spot in the city? Send us a note!