Congratulations! High school student Bronwyn Lefebvfre raises more than $10,000 for Lupus Ontario

Bronwyn Lefebvre is a high school student who will be attending Carleton University in the fall. In February she organized an ambitious fashion show, fundraising for Lupus Ontario – a disease she has lived with for 13 years.

This is Bronwyn’s very touching thank you speech:

Seven months ago the planning began to create and showcase a dream. The result: a successful event that I am so proud to have organized.

Bronwyn Lefebvfre

I would like to thank all of my sponsors who made this show possible including: Answermen, Mistura, Tress Exquisite Salon, SurePrint, The Tanning Lounge, Susan Campbell RMT, Boston Pizza and Palm Beach Mega Tan.

Another big thank you to all who have donated generously to Lupus Ontario.

Mr. Deller, and the wonderful Ms. Bonenfant, who have bent over backwards for me and have helped me through so much! I very much appreciate it and will never forget your generosity.

The VOYAGE fashion show committee and models: although we had our ups and downs, you helped me realize how amazing people are and it is truly touching. Your countless hours of help, and sincerity and support has shaped me into a better person and I am so fortunate to have had all of you accompany me on creating this dream and allowing it to come true.

To my set designers, Opala and Alenka, who took a vision I had and created it on canvas-  you are truly amazing! My performers who have generously donated their time to showcase their talents. The tech team for allowing this night to be possible and setting up the stage, music, lights, everything! You guys are awesome and are extremely talented and I wish you nothing but success in the future. Thank you to Mr. Murphy and Mr. Mes for having my back and helping me whenever I was in need.

My beautiful friends who have helped me through this journey and given me their time and effort all to make this show a success. I will forever cherish your friendships and thank the world for allowing me to have such beautiful people in my life.

And lastly my family. Mummy, Daddy, Evan and Oscar. Without you, this show would not have been possible. The months you have spent in order to help me produce a dream you knew I had from the very beginning, I so thankful to call you my family and even through the stress, you are always here to help me up when I fall and I love you with all my heart. Mum and Dad, thank you for bringing me into this world and raising me to be the person that I am today.
We have been struggling with this disease for 13 years and you have done everything to make sure I lived a normal life and I am so appreciative to be apart of you.

Being diagnosed with Lupus has kept me from living a life full of freedom and a childhood full of happiness. I never really liked talking about what I suffer from and what I’ve been through but after organizing this event, I have realized that I am not the only one who is suffering and that there are others going through the exact same thing.

Anything is possible: whether you are disabled or have a disease.

I was told that I wouldn’t make it to 20, but I’m 18 and I’m still standing here. I have short term memory, but I have still made gold honour roll and been accepted to my dream program at Carleton University.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you are not capable of something. You are capable of anything and everything. Voyage Fashion Show has allowed me to grow and realize that Lupus is a part of me and I am the person that I am today because of it.

This is who I am. Almost losing my life to this disease three times has taught me to live each day as if it were my last and that is why I wanted to run this show because this is the one thing that I have always wanted.

My goal was to raise $4,000. But on March 31st, 2011, I had discovered that over $10,000 was raised and I thank everyone for their tremendous support!

Congratulations Bronwyn, you truly are an inspiration. And from LTO – thank you to the handful of Local Tourists who donated in support of Bronwyn’s cause.