Ottawa is number one! Again!

Photo Credit: NCC

Another reason to celebrate the city!

Critics can keep Montreal’s food and arts scene, Toronto’s bustle, Calgary’s youthful population and Vancouver’s weather: Ottawa is still the best place to live in the country, according to a just-released survey by MoneySense magazine.

Photo Credit: NCC

AND Ottawa claimed the title of most “livable” city for the second year in a row!

In releasing the results, MoneySense notes that a Canadian city need not be “perfect” to score well in the survey, but “consistency is key.”

Just in case you’re wondering about the details, this is how MoneySense evaluated the communities involved:

Canada’s Best Places to Live 2011 is based on data compiled from 180 Canadian cities and towns with populations over 10,000 people. Cities were rated based on home affordability, climate, prosperity, crime rates, access to health care and lifestyle, with subcategories in each area. Points were also given for the categories of transit, amenities and culture

And the reasons Ottawa trumps everyone else?

  • Ability to walk/bike to work
  • An average household income of $91,000
  • A strong feeling of community safety
  • Weather? Well, MoneySense argues “all of that rain makes for beautiful gardening displays when spring and summer roll around”

Though we here at LTOttawa don’t believe you need an excuse to explore the city, this is just one more reason you can be sure you’re efforts won’t be in vain!

Now, get out there and take advantage of Canada’s best city!