Best of Barrhaven: Stuntman Stu defends his suburb

Photo Credit: Gamma-Ray Productions, via Flickr

Stu Schwartz (blog/Twitter) can be heard weekday mornings on Majic 100 FM with Angie Poirier, and is the PA announcer for the Ottawa Senators. Stu is also, a proud Barrhavenite!

Stu Schwartz

Boringhaven, babyhaven, bbqhaven, farhaven are some of the ways Barrhaven has been decribed to me over the years when I tell someone I live there. When I got married I wanted to live in Stittsville, she wanted Barrhaven.

Well she won, we had kids, and now almost 10 years later I’m it’s biggest booster.

Here are five things that make Barrhaven the place to be:

  • Got a problem with a neighbour or have a gripe about the city? You can always email your councillor. Or there’s a good chance you’ll run into Jan Harder at the grocery store and she doesn’t give you the typical rhetoric. She splits part of the ward with Steve Desrosches, only because we’ve just passed the two-million-homes mark in Barrhaven.
  • Hungry? Barrhaven has more pizza joints than New York City.
  • Speaking of food, after years of begging, “The Works” is finally opening up on Fallowfield next to the beer store this summer.  Local Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod will have you believe she made it happen, but we all know it was the Stuntman who made the call. I’m now working on a proposal to see Walt Disney open up a location behind the Home Depot on Strandherd. May have to call on our MP Pierre Poilievre for some Federal assistance.  I’m sure he’ll want nothing more than cutting the ribbon with Goofy and Mickey.

Photo Credit: Gamma-Ray Productions, via Flickr

  • Shopping for groceries? Come to Barrhaven. We have Loblaws, Ross’s Independent, Sobey’s and Farmboy all within five minutes of each other. Had you told me 10 years ago I’d be bragging about a grocery store on a blog, my response would have been “what’s a blog?
  • Going to Montreal or Toronto? Hop on the Barrhaven VIA station. Don’t have one of those in Kanata now do ya? Barrhaven is also a $14 cab to the airport ($9.75 if it’s before 6 am and you tell the cabbie you’re late for your flight.)

Photo Credit: Gamma-Ray Productions, via Flickr

Barrhaven continues to grow and with a bridge connecting us to Riverside South next year, we’re ready to welcome you. Just bring gifts!

Thanks for the inside glance at Barrhaven, Stu! Stittsville should be sorry it lost you! Please everyone take the time to support Stu in his CN Cycle for CHEO.

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