Jocelyn Wentland’s erotic week in Ottawa

Jocelyn Wentland (blog/Twitter) hails from British Columbia but is calling Ottawa home while she completes her Phd in Psychology (specializing in sexuality) at the University of Ottawa. Jocelyn’s research interests include casual sexual relationships, female sexuality, mate selection, the ‘technologized’ dating script, erotic photography, sex education, and women’s health. When Jocelyn isn’t sex researching, blogging, or tweeting, she enjoys observing the mating rituals of Ottawa’s inhabitants.

Is Ottawa sexy? Is Ottawa erotic? Well, if you’ve been to any of the events that I attended last week, then you’d say “Heck yeah, Ottawa can be both sexy and erotic!”

Jocelyn Wentland

So here are some of the sexy events Ottawa had to offer up:

One Night Stand with photographer Dan Ziemkiewicz:

This free event took place at La Petite Mort Gallery (translate this if you don’t already know what it means!) and came complete with live male nude modeling.

The purpose of the art show was to feature Dan’s work with 10 male nudes in which he explored the femininity of masculine bodies. There was a great vibe in the gallery. A DJ, bar, and a lot of male nudity.

Works for me!

Ménage à trois with the Sexual Overtones:

The proceeds from this sell-out charity show (there were actually two sell-out shows!) were donated to Planned Parenthood Ottawa. The Sexual Overtones are a burlesque troop made up of volunteers with a mission to bring sexual satire back to burlesque. From Lady Gaga’s Poker Face to Queen’s Bicycle Race to the New Cocks on the Block’s Hangin’ Tough, these performers know how to entertain. As for the nudity at this show, it was contained to underwear and nipple tassels. And FYI – I was blown away by one woman who incorporated nipple tassel swinging into her Peggy Lee’s Fever routine.

Talented? You betcha! I left this event convinced that I should contact the troop and apply to be a member myself. Coming from the girl who loathes charades, this is a powerful statement.

The Guerilla Erotica release party:

This was the release party for the quarterly magazine Guerilla – dubbed as Ottawa’s Culture at Ground Level. This particular issue is the “Erotica Edition” and is packed full of goodies, including an interview with yours truly.

Click here to read Guerilla's Capital Region Sex Survey

Also of particular interest in the Erotica Edition: the Capital Region Sex Survey. Find out what Ottawans are doing and to whom…some of it was even surprising to me! As for how Ottawa can be sexier, I’m going to politely disagree with one participant who said “Blow it up and start over.” But I do agree with another respondent: My parka doesn’t exactly imbue sexuality and/or sensuality. But what you wear under that parka sure can be sexy!

If you know of sexy events going on in Ottawa, please pass them on to me. I have a voracious appetite to attend them and am more than happy to help promote them as well.

Good sex to you, Ottawa!

Do you want to pass along a sexy Ottawa event to Jocelyn? Leave a comment below!