Sunday wrap up! (March 13)

Is spring just around the corner, or not?

Despite a week of weird weather, our local tourists were out in full form to take in the city. Check out what’s been happening:

  • A new app, Discover Ottawa, was launched this week by the city, allowing you to access a mobile database of all things Ottawa, from news to events to business listings. Karen gave it a test drive for us.
  • Anthony Woods gave us an inside look at his unique business, UrbanQuest, which leads you on a scavenger hunt-style tour of the city using a list of clues. It’s great for first dates and families.
  • One of our newest local tourists, Kelly-Anne Maddox, shared her family trip to the National Gallery’s gift shop, proving that frugal fun can be had anywhere!
  • Vera Saltzman, a student photographer with the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO), chatted about her late-found passion and shared some stunning shots.
  • Our very own Jessey Bird attended, tweeted and blogged on one of her fave early-morning events, Social Media Breakfast, which focused this month on the important of “gamification” in the communications field.
  • Date guru Catherine told us about some gems on Ottawa’s Beechwood Avenue, visiting pizza palace ZaZaZa and wine bar Farb’s.
  • We were introduced to another new local tourist, Kathryn Hunt, who will lead us on a tour of the city’s literary landscape. Kathryn already listed a number of live-reading events to serve as a jumping-off point.
  • Die-hard Sens fan Jeremy Milk gave us a superb snapshot of the team, outlining its near 20-year history.
  • Our local agritourist Lara Bender visited her first Ottawa-area sugar bush, taking in Temple’s for some maple-coated munchies and winter wilderness.

We’d like to welcome our newest local tourists and thank them for all their great explorations! Would you like to be next? Send us a note at or reach us on Twitter through @LTOttawa.