#SMBOttawa 21

This morning was one of my favourite Ottawa events: Social Media Breakfast.

Maybe it is because I’m a bit of a digital geek, and maybe it is because I get a kick out of meeting new, passionate entrepreneurs at 7:30 in the morning…but I always look forward to what and who this event will turn up next.

This month the guest speaker was gaming industry expert David Nicholson, who spoke about the importance of “gamification” – implementing the mechanics of gaming into innovative communications and marketing strategies.

Here are some tweets that give a small snapshot of the presentation:

  • @Jim_Donnelly: Employing game mechanics can make your product or biz “sticky” for consumers, increase retention.
  • @VProcunier: Gaming environments: Caring, collaborative, cordial, competitive & combative.
  • @jescbird:It turns out that giving away free stuff is not what drives a program to be successful. Intrinsic rewards just as valuable.
  • @heyglenns: Ppl don’t want to feel the hands of the puppeteer. Don’t rush to reward users, think of what their motivation is.
  • @jescbird:We talked about gamification but you are not making a game: you’re using mechanics of gaming across your communications strategy.
  • @jason_faber:Social gaming drives competition because everyone can see your results, whereas before your results were relatively private.


The event was perhaps best summed up by a first-timer and dear friend of Local Tourist Ottawa, Alex Hosselet:

“Social Media Breakfast Ottawa was like a delicious pastry,” said Alex. “In the core was a sweet speaking event that drew in the attendees, and wrapped around that was a fantastic networking opportunity.”

“I got to meet and reconnect with some of my favourite social media influencers in the Ottawa community,” he continued. “And David, the speaker, had an excellent presentation on gamification, which I’ll be bringing back to my team and implementing in our work.”

Want to learn more about Ottawa’s digital communications and social networking events? Joe Boughner did a great write up for us a few months back.

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