A taste of Ottawa’s best: Beau’s, Bridgehead and Hintonburger

For more info on Beau's All Natural Brewing Company visit: http://www.beaus.ca

Conor (a soon be lawyer) and Renée (a dedicated public servant) have lived in Ottawa their whole lives and couldn’t imagine living in a better city.  Their love affair with Ottawa stems from the serene calm that seems to surround the city, the camaraderie of the Ottawa Trivia League (they’re both on the team Spoiler Alert) and by trying new local things.

Conor was first introduced to Beau’s in the summer of 2008 when a friend gave him one of those easily recognizable ceramic bottles.

The Lugtread was delicious, local, and family brewed.  So when we heard that another rising local institution was teaming up with Beau’s we had to make it out to Bridgehead to celebrate Winterlude with Winterbrew, a coffee infused beer.


The event took place at Bridgehead’s newest location on Sparks Street.  The place was jammed with all types. Who knew so many people liked beer and coffee! While we joked that The Drew Carrey Show had this idea years ago, Beau’s and Bridgehead put a little more thought into this beer’s recipe than getting buzzed on beer and coffee.

According to a press release from Beau’s, they “wanted to go with a medium altitude Central or South American coffee, because they tend to be very clean with flavours [they] thought would be complementary to the beer – nuts, cocoa powder and warm spices. There were a few coffees that would have done the trick, but we settled upon a coffee from around the town of San Juan del Rio Coco in Madriz, Nicaragua because of the pronounced Dutch-processed cocoa aromas.”


The beer did not disappoint.

We were warned that the first sip would be strange and it was.  But half way through it became really tasty.  Peter and Conor, both heavy coffee drinkers, appreciated the sensation of getting pretty buzzed  and compared it to an iced Americano.  Renee and Kristen, who do not often drink coffee, didn’t enjoy it as much but finished their drinks in true Winterbrew style.

Cynical curmudgeon, Conor, scoffed at both Beau’s and Bridgehead who pride themselves on natural and organic as well as fair trade means of crafting their brews, for serving the Winterbrew in plastic cups until Peter realized that the cups were compostable. Nice touch.

Running with the local and organic theme of the night, we headed to Hintonburger on Wellington for dinner.

Hintonburger is located at 991 Wellington Street West

From the outside, it looks like a dive, but you should never judge a book by it’s cover because within is pure deliciousness.

The beef comes from Ottawa O’Brien Farms and are filled with herbs and seasoning.  No pictures of the burger themselves because we were too busy eating them and/or they were so delicious we ate them too fast.   We haven’t ventured away from the burger, but I hear they’re corn dog is delicious (and can’t wait to try it).

If you’re in Hintonburg you really need to stop in and try anything on their menu, but make sure to have money on hand as it’s cash only.

Thanks for the post you two! We hope to see more of you here…and in person!